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Niall Toibin in Ryans Daughter
Niall Toibin and Pierce Brosnan
Niall Toibin, left as
Tony Murphy with
 Pierce Brosnan and
 corner left, as the
 political operative
 in Ryan’s Daughter
The Movies
You can't help but be awed by the range and depth of characters Niall Toibin has played. He was an abrasive literary agent in Frankie Starlight, a promoter in Eat the Peach, a mysterious political operative in MGM's Ryan's Daughter and Judge Ballaugh in the movie, Veronica Guerin.

Toibin plays a kidnapper in the thriller Shergar; a Russian spy in Guns in the Heather; and in Dream On, a long, lost lover who appears to a woman in her dreams.  Toibin plays Fr. Geraldo in RAT, called in for an exorcism by the family of a man transformed into a rodent. Toibin’s scenes are absolutely hilarious. As one reviewer put it, "Niall Toibin goes merrily over the top as a psychopathic priest…"

Directed by Ron Howard in Far and Away, Toibin plays an Irish farmer opposite Tom Cruise who plays his son. “Joe” is injured during a village riot and dies…he does, however, manage to return from the dead just long enough to tell his son that he is "an odd boy."  Toibin's superb skill as a character actor makes this very touching scene also convincingly humorous.

Niall Toibin starred in two of William Trevor’s films: Fools of Fortune with Julie Christy & Ballroom of Romance which won the Silver Award at the New York Television Film Festival.  Toibin played Sir Andred opposite Richard Burton in Tristan and Isolda (Lovespell) and later starred in the award-winning film, Poitin, acted entirely in the Irish language.

Pierce Brosnan and Niall Toibin worked together in Murphy's Stroke, the true story of a scheme to outwit the bookies by manipulating their own ranking system. Toibin starred as Tony Murphy.  Later when Brosnan started his own production company, he asked his old friend to co-star in Irish Dreamtime’s film, The Nephew.

Niall Toibin starred in Granada’s edgy movie, Who Bombed Birmingham? that examined the inequities of the English justice system.  To prepare for his role, Toibin traveled to Gartree Prison to interview Paddy Joe Hill, one of six Irishmen unjustly imprisoned for bombing a pub in Birmingham, England in 1974. Toibin's performance, along with those of John Hurt and Martin Shaw, gave this important film the stark realism that was so essential to its success.

The Outsider was tagged as one of the best films ever made about the tensions in Northern Ireland. The New York Post wrote that The Outsider was the best picture of the year with the exception of Coal Miner's Daughter. This is a story about a Vietnam Veteran so inspired by his Grandfather's heroic tales he goes to Belfast to join the IRA. Niall Toibin plays the all-powerful IRA leader nicknamed "the Farmer."

Toibin plays a race horse owner in the racing movie Twice Shy. Toibin's character violently attacks the trainer in the film. Actual Irish trainer, Mick O'Toole was employed as technical advisor on the project. When asked what he thought about the film, Mr. O'Toole said, "I'm glad I never worked for Niall Toibin!"

It is hard to remember that Niall Toibin is only acting these parts. Whether he brings the character into our world or takes us into his, Niall Toibin always makes it real.
One of Europe's most talented & versatile actors,
Niall Toibin has over 30 feature films under his belt.
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Guns in the Heather

Eat the Peach

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