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Publicity Downloads
Small file size jpg image of Niall Toibin suitable for web sites - 58K   100 dpi

PSD format  -  1200 dpi  23 Megabite file

This is an extremely High Resolution image of Niall Toibin in PSD format.

As this publicity photo file takes ages to load, we highly recommend that
you Save it to File on your own hard drive instead of attempting to open
the image while online, especially if you are using a dial up connection.

PSD is a Photoshop format that can be easily converted to TIF or any other
professional format suitable for printing without losing definition.

PDF format  -  10 Megabite file

This is also a very large, slow loading file that can be opened in Adobe Acrobat
after saving to your own hard drive.  When using the PDF formatted file,
you will not have the flexibility in printing afforded by the Photoshop PSD file above.