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Niall Toibin as Peter Lombard
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Niall Toibin in Mass Appeal
Niall Toibin, left,
in Mass Appeal and      
corner left, as
Peter Lombard in
Making History
The Stage
Niall Toibin is most recently played opposite Des Keogh in a riotously funny production
of The Sunshine Boys directed by Sighle Toibin.

While filming Ballykissangel, Niall Toibin took time out to star in the Red Kettle production of Jim Nolan’s play, The Salvage Shop. Toibin plays Sylvester Tansey whose dreams of leading his band into brass-band legendary status were crushed when his only son deserted them on the night of the All-Ireland brass finals. The play is set twelve years later as alcoholic Tansey is dying of cancer and revolves around the son’s frantic attempts to reconcile with his estranged father.

Niall Toibin has starred in 9 different productions of the Borstal Boy in Ireland and virtually "owns" the role of the adult Brendan Behan. The play is about Behan’s life beginning as a boy arrested for smuggling dynamite for the IRA, his tragic and abusive prison stay prior to conviction, and his life during the subsequent three years in a British reformatory or "borstal." Although the subject matter is very heavy, Toibin’s humorous touch as the narrator and commentator lighten the mood to a most enjoyable level.

Mr. Toibin again starred in the Borstal Boy when it debuted in New York City. The play ran four months, winning both the Tony and the New York Drama Critics Circle awards for the season and Toibin himself won the Drama Desk Award for his outstanding performance.

"…at curtain time there was Niall Toibin standing quietly in the wings with his hands in his pockets looking straight ahead as the house lights dimmed….then there was the transformation, the strange lovely moment when Niall Toibin shuffled out of a smoky shadow into a spotlight and became Brendan Behan." Jack Deacy, New York Daily News

In 2002, Niall Toibin accepted the challenge to once again “become” Brendan Behan on stage at the Irish Music Hall of Fame under the direction of Michael Scott.  Niall took a selection of Behan’s early works and turned them into BEHAN HIMSELF.

Niall Toibin has played the villainous and not so majestic King Claudius in Michael Bogdanov’s production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. He portrayed the Oxford educated Archbishop of Armagh, Peter Lombard (1555-1625) in a Brian Friel play called Making History and played Oliver Cromwell in World Turned Upside-Down in the London National Theatre.

Niall Toibin played Pozzo in Waiting for Godot along with Peter O’Toole at the Nottingham Playhouse and he played opposite Albert Finney in Has Washington Legs at the National Theatre in London.

Mr. Toibin’s personal favorite is Eugene O’Neill’s play The Iceman Cometh. He says of Iceman, "At times I still find myself thinking back to that play…to the character Larry Slade, the old anarchist and to some of the lines. It’s mesmerizing. It is a long play and after the first hour, you find that the whole thing washes over you like a great orchestra."
by Brian Friel,
the Gate Theatre

The Death and
Resurrection of Mr. Roche
by Tom Kilroy

House of Blue Leaves
by John Guare

The Field
by John B. Keene
the Abbey

The Hostage
by Brendan Behan

Long Voyage Home
London National Theatre

Mass Appeal
by Bill C. Davis

Liam Liar
by Hugh Leonard

Juno & Paycock
by Sean Kenny

Fearless Frank
Princess Theatre
New York


Waiting for Godot

The Iceman Cometh
"From the moment Niall Toibin walks on stage…
you know you’re in the presence of one of the
finest stage actors in Ireland today."
The Galway Advisor